Email Inbox Tips

Here are some email inbox tips to help tame the monster and gain your life back!Setting Up Folders

How you set up your folders is a personal preference, however by see how others manage their folders will help you to tweak what works best for you.

Merlin Mann's Inbox Makeover suggests you look at the response required then placing the email in the appropriate folder.

Or you may want to check out Microsoft's 7 ways to Organise Emails Another useful resource for learning how to manage your inbox is : Managing Outlook Data

Email Newsletters - Building Your List

Once you've managed your incoming email. The next thing is to manage your outgoing email.

If you are in business, no matter if you are small, medium or large, home based or is essential to cultivate a list. This is the basis to ANY business growth. If you do this properly from the start you will always have someone to talk to about your product or service.

With the amount of spam and screening that goes on these days. You will need a decent

email newsletter software system. The one that I have found is Aweber's email newsletter software Simple to use, great video's to help walk you through what to do. It's also great to now that they have a better then 99.34% email deliver ability, That is the biggest hurdle.

If you are unsure of 'how to write', they also have some great tutorials to help guide you.

You will also want to learn other ways to build a mailing list rather then having to buy a mailing list. 

Facebook is also taking over from email. However, a word of warning. Ask yourself this...

How secure is it?

I am seeing a trend where business's are using the public feature to communicate with the clients. I believe they tend to forget how 'public' that domain is.

It might make more sense to build a list using a safe, secure and private communication that still avoids spam issues and gets your message to you clients... take a look at this...

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