Multiple Streams of Income

I see it often. Someone who knows you can have multiple streams of income BUT … It is the BUT that stops them from pursing this idea further.

  • But… “I don’t know how”.
  • But… “I don’t have the money” because you need money to make money right?
  • But… “ I don’t have time!” By the time I get home from work, deal with the kids, cat and dog… well life is too busy.

These may be true for you – at the moment – however, more importantly it s the way we have been taught toTHINK about our sources of income.

What were you told or taught as a child?

Was it: “There is only ONE way you can make money. Get a JOB!” Here's a different perspective:

Question: Does money have to just come from your job?If not, where else could it come from?

Question: Does income always have to appear or show up in your life in the form of hard cash?If not, what would it show up as?

Oh good questions! So glad you asked (wink)

Other multiple streams of income

Other basic possible sources of income could be in the form of income from rental properties, shares,(by the way here is a great way to get started with your shares: Market Analyser Starter), interest on cash or many other variations on those themes. However I want you to stretch your mind a little more here. It’s real important.

The other day we caught up with friends of ours from interstate. Hadn’t seen them in ages and they INSISTED on buying us coffee. No big deal you say, that often happens – it’s just what you do for friends.

True but did you consider that to be another source of money? Absolutely.

So notice what comes your way, those

  • discount vouchers,
  • frequent flyer bonus’s
  • or gift certificates.
  • Also the money you find on the footpath.

It may surprise you, when you open your eyes and start to simply notice.

Oh by the way, make sure you are grateful for each and every one of these things that come your way.

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